Dad Hears A Strange Crash, Then He Spots His Dog In The Security Footage

silly dog

Being a dog parent brings all sorts of surprises into our lives. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. But always memorable. This owner of a beautiful dog named Apollo had a surprise that I’m sure he’ll remember forever.

Our dogs can be funny and very silly sometimes. At times they can just be downright ridiculous – making us laugh so hard that it makes our sides split. They are just full of little individual perks that represent their huge personalities!

The owner of Apollo has a security camera in his living room and it was just a normal day – just like any other. He was cleaning up his table after a nice relaxing meal.

But as he was cleaning up – not paying too much attention to his sleeping pup who was passed on the couch – he heard a loud crash. When he looked over – Apollo was on the ground!

You’re going to want to watch the security footage on the next page because it’s going to leave you with your jaw dropped! I couldn’t believe it myself!


  1. I’m sorry but I’m not amused that the dog fell onto a wooden floor and that the owner didn’t even come over to see if his dog was hurt! I know that if it were my dog, I would have scooped up my beloved fur baby, put him/her back on the couch and would have also put something soft and cushy down on the floor by the couch so if my dog fell again, he/she wouldn’t get hurt!

  2. I must agree with Gail……don’t find this at all amusing. This beautiful furbaby could’ve been seriously injured.

  3. I agree I don’t think it’s funny either. One of my big rescue dogs fell off my bed while she was asleep. I immediately went to her and made sure she was awake, lucid and
    Could get up without assistance. Peeking around the corner and the dog doesn’t move would have scared me to death. If the dog was a child would he have the same behavior.