BREAKING: Animal Abusers Will Now Have To Be Registered Like Sex Offenders


All of us animals can finally rejoice. Something we’ve all been waiting for is happening, and it’s growing in popularity all across the United States. Animal abusers will now have to register for their crimes. Animal abuse will not be tolerated!

A growing number of United States jurisdictions have started to implement an animal abuse registry. This registry would reveal the names of anyone who has abused or neglected an animal; much like a sex offender registry.

As of right now, Tennessee is the first and only state to have an animal abuse registry, however, in states like Illinois and New York, they have it on a city or local level. It’s a start, but there is a long way to go.

So, who’s monitoring the animal abuse registry in Tennessee? The registry is currently handled by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the information is made public.

The information that will be shown includes name, date of birth, offense, conviction date, and expiration date. Yes, their names will not be shown permanently.

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