Beautiful Pit Bull Dumped At High Kill Shelter DESPERATELY Needs A Home!


A beautiful Pit Bull in the Los Angeles area needs your help – and quickly. He was recently dropped off at a high kill shelter in the city of Carson. And unfortunately – his days are numbered. He needs your help.

The Carson Animal Shelter is no place any animal wants to end up in. They are extremely overcrowded and no matter how much the staff tries – they can’t bend the rules. If a dog is not adopted within a certain time frame – they are put to death row.

This certain Pit Bull is facing that future if he doesn’t get adopted soon. Once put on death row – his days are shortly numbered. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

His heartless owners one day decided that they wanted nothing to do with him anymore – even after having him for years. The poor thing, such a beautiful Pit Bull, doesn’t even have a name.

If you want to help or know someone that can – please continue to the next page for more information about this gorgeous dog. Together – we can make sure he gets the loving home he deserves.

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  1. Can you tell me anything more about this beautiful boy? We already have a rescue pit and he is THE BEST BABY!!! We are also in Wisconsin so not sure what we could do….!?!?

  2. I’ll take him but I’m in Sacramento California. I’d you can get him here, I promise nothing but love and as wonderful life. Please contact me asap.

  3. Oh please, PLEASE!!!! Don’t let him die!!!!PLEASE!!!I am crying SO HARD right now I can hardly SEE!!!!
    PLEASE someone SAVE him!!!!!!!
    Where is that??? I am in Vermont and can’t help, and can’t anyway, but SOMEONE can, please!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t let him die!!!!!