Baby And Pit Bull Have The Cutest Relationship – Just WAIT Until You See This Interaction

baby and dog

Having a dog around in your house while having a baby is a controversial topic for some people. Some people think it could be too dangerous while others think it’s a wonderful thing for both the baby and the dog.

Personally – we’re a little biased over here at Pit Bull Paws. We think having dogs around the house, no matter who is there, is a wonderful idea and it can only bring joy and love into the home.

We’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of dog videos interacting with children or babies. They always make our hearts burst with happiness. It’s just adorable to watch as they show off the bond that they’ve acquired.

This video is exactly that – a tiny baby and a beautiful Pit Bull clearly have an undying love and unbreakable bond with one another. They are obviously the best of friends.

Continue to the next page to watch as these two show off that love with one of the most precious interactions we’ve seen. We think you’ll agree!