They Approached A Limping Pit Bull But Didn’t Expect His Friend To Show Up!


If there’s one thing that never gets old over here at Pit Bull Paws is seeing new and amazing rescue stories from our favorite rescue organization — Hope for Paws! The rescue you’re about to see has quickly made it be one of our favorites.

Hope for Paws is a wonderful organization that rescues thousands and thousands of dogs and other animals in need. They have been absolute true angels on earth for many fur babies in the world.

The rescue group received a call about an injured and limping Pit Bull that needed some help. When they arrived they noticed him wincing in pain as he walked but he had a very sweet demeanor.

They decided to entice the injured pup with a little piece of cheeseburger — it’s a trick that they often use. But this is when things took a surprising turn in a funny manner!

As the Pit Bull, who they’ve called Banjo, approached them with a cheeseburger — Banjo’s friend decided he wanted in on some of the cheeseburger action too! You’ve got to see this awesome rescue on the next page.