“Aggressive” Pit Bull FINALLY Has Someone Who Believed In Him!

Aggressive Pit Bull Rescue

Hearing stories of people raising Pit Bulls to fight or be mean or aggressive in any way always breaks our hearts. Pit Bulls are NOT born as aggressive dogs – they are raised to be that way and it’s awful.

What’s even worse is when Pit Bulls are abandoned or left in the streets because their owners are “done” with them. How can people be so cruel? It’s devastating and heartbreaking.

The video you’re about to watch is a tale of survival, faith and restoration in humanity. It all starts with a 2-year old Pit Bull named Cruz. Who had an extremely hard start at life.

Rescuers received a call of a Pit Bull wandering the streets. When they arrived they saw that the Pittie (now named Cruz) was sick, extremely dirty and riddled with ticks all over his body. He was also terrified.

You have got to see the video on the next page of this terrified boy’s rescue. It’s something that will stay with you in your heart for a long time – if not forever.

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