Adorably Confused Staffordshire Terrier Is VERY Weary Of Her Own Reflection

Staffordshire Terrier

Dogs might be some of the most caring, loving and intelligent creatures on all of planet Earth. But at the same time? Their innocence can be hilarious. Like – this Staffordshire Terrier and her own reflection in the mirror.

Dogs’ intelligence has been used in so many amazing ways this day in age. They are service dogs to those with disabilities – they are K9s that help keep us safe – they are our emotional support in times of need.

There are so many things that dogs do on a daily basis that are astounding. But sometimes – the silliest and simplest things can get the best of them. Their innocent perspective on the world can be hilarious.

Take a mirror for example – the concept is simple; it’s a form of glass that reflects our own image back to us. But for babies of all kinds – this can be very confusing. What is this creature that’s mimicking my exact move?

You’ve got to watch this sweet Staffordshire Terrier, named Shelby, try and make sense out of her own reflection. She’s not sure whether to ignore, be scared of it or…who knows! Continue to the next page to see her reaction.