Abused Pit Bull Puppies Lovingly Comfort Each Other In The Vet’s Office

pit bull puppies

Three amazing and adorable Pit Bull puppies were recently rescued from a very abusive and neglectful home. Their names are Chase, Haagen Dazs and Klondike – and they were only 4 months old when rescued.

A majority of their short lives had been spent being very sick and extremely weak. Their owner was recently charged with 3 counts of animal cruelty. Thank goodness they were found.

In fact, Lisa Fontaine, the CEO of the Washington Rescue League who found them said: “By the age of four months, Chase and his two siblings had experienced more suffering than any living being should be subjected to in a lifetime. Cruelty to animals in any form can never be tolerated and the people of our community should know that we will relentlessly pursue those that commit these crimes.”

When the dogs arrived at the clinic – they were all suffering from extreme mange. A condition that could have easily been avoided or at least treated. All three of them were very nervous about their new surroundings.

But they comforted each other along the way – you have got to see their amazing photos and see their incredible rescue story on the next page.


  1. People who do these horrific things have forfeited their right to their own life. They need to punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  2. Praying that these adorable little ones are adopted together. I know it’s a lot to ask, but what a wonderful blessing for these three who had such a hard life as babies be able to grow up together … continuing to comfort and love each other.

  3. People who abuse animals have no soul. They should have the same punishment inflicted on them. So glad these dogs were found when they were. Now they can have a much better life and one they deserve!!