Abused Pit Bull Lost A Leg But Still Absolutely Loves People!


An abused Pit bull barely made it out of his predicament alive. For the majority of us, the vast majority of humanity, cruelty and violence is a despicable act that doesn’t even warrant a spot in our hearts. There are better ways to solve a conflict than hurting others.

We will never be able to comprehend what drives a person to commit random acts of savagery. Particularly is said acts are directed towards helpless and defenseless creatures.

As such, the story of Kayla might be, for the most of us, a bullet to our soul. A tale we simply can’t wrap our mind around.

The sad story came to light when Los Angeles rescue group Hope for Paws sent a volunteer down to Mexico in order to rescue poor Kayla. What that volunteer found, shattered her reality.

Turn to the next page to see what state they found abused Pit bull Kayla in. It’s absolutely sad.