Abandoned Dog Chose To Starve Rather Than Leave His Friend


The emaciated dog received his name because they found him on Halloween and he is also all black. So, they named him Spyder. Spider with his very own twist; it seemed perfectly fitting.

The shelter gave the little dog an examination and found that the poor thing had parasites, overgrown nails, missing fur, and wounds all over his body. The shelter gave him a “body score” of a one out of nine.


The shelter was scared that the poor thing was far too medically challenged so they called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC to help them. Of course, they immediately agreed to take the sweet boy in their care.


Spyder was taken to the rescue’s vet partner in nearby South Carolina where they put him on an IV and antibiotics. The little guy weighed only 15 pounds and he had a long road to recovery ahead.

“He’s still shy and a little wary of strangers but he’s doing better,” O’Sullivan said. “He’s getting a little stronger every day. He’s got a long road back both physically and mentally.”


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  1. You know it really does make me sick to think ppl get animals & then what tie them outside I’m dealing now with a homeless cat I call buddy I feed him very well even through I have two cats of my own they do not go out to many things can happen. So I’m trying to capture him so I can get him sent to a beautiful sanctuary here where I live. If he doesn’t get adopted he can live there the rest of his days. It is very cold out tonight & I have been out looking for him he goes under a house next door . There’s about 5 house’s on this street that no one lives in so they have shelter but they need a warm place. I tried to get him once but the next time I won’t miss. He’s a tiger cat big double claws. If I had the money I’d get a vet to check him out. It’s just aweful these lowlifes get animals & don’t care for them.