Abandoned Dog Chose To Starve Rather Than Leave His Friend


Before Spyder was dumped and abandoned on the side of the road with his friend, he suffered a life of neglect and abuse. And even after his friend passed away, Spyder was loyal to the very end.

Spyder and his late friend were abandoned on the streets of North Carolina. Sadly, after his best friend died, Spyder refused to leave their side. Even though Spyder was starving and dehydrated, he stayed.

The time continued to pass and the loyal dog was so determined to stay by his friend’s side that he slowly began to waste away. Finally, someone noticed Spyder clinging to his best friend and called for help.

Animal control showed up and took the scared, starving dog to the shelter.

“He was very wary of people when he was picked up but I think also relieved to see help because he was so weak and emaciated himself and covered in open wounds,” Jacquelyn O’Sullivan of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC told a fellow website. “He wouldn’t have made it much longer on his own, especially out there alone.”

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  1. You know it really does make me sick to think ppl get animals & then what tie them outside I’m dealing now with a homeless cat I call buddy I feed him very well even through I have two cats of my own they do not go out to many things can happen. So I’m trying to capture him so I can get him sent to a beautiful sanctuary here where I live. If he doesn’t get adopted he can live there the rest of his days. It is very cold out tonight & I have been out looking for him he goes under a house next door . There’s about 5 house’s on this street that no one lives in so they have shelter but they need a warm place. I tried to get him once but the next time I won’t miss. He’s a tiger cat big double claws. If I had the money I’d get a vet to check him out. It’s just aweful these lowlifes get animals & don’t care for them.