5 Heroic Pit Bulls Who Saved Their Owners’ Lives

heroic dog

It’s always extremely important for us here at Pit Bull Paws to spread awareness about how wonderful this dog breed is. Dispelling the myth that they are “dangerous” or “aggressive” is one of our main goals.

The amount of stereotypes and misconceptions about the Pit Bull breed is astounding. We know that you know — it’s always the owner — not the breed. Pitties are generally “trained” to be bad but they aren’t inherently bad.

Pit Bulls are naturally loyal, obedient, and strong dogs. That’s why horrible people like to get their hands on them to take advantage of these traits — they turn them into something they never wanted to be.

That’s why we created this post. We found 5 stories of 5 incredible and heroic Pit Bulls who selflessly and courageously save their owners’ lives. This is the true meaning of this breed and we knew we had to share.

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