5 Definitive Signs That You’re Totally Obsessed With Your Pit Bull – And Proud Of It!

Pit Bull

When you fall in love with a certain dog breed it’s hard not to get well…a bit obsessed. We completely understand — which is why we had to share this list with you. If you can relate to any of these? Chances are you’re a bit crazy about Pit Bulls.

The Pit Bull breed is an easy breed to fall in love with. After all — what’s not to love? They’re loyal, they’re friendly, and they’re extremely smart. They make the absolute perfect companion in life.

I always had a soft spot in my heart for Pit Bulls — I felt like they were always misunderstood. So when I adopted my first Pittie baby? I was hooked. I couldn’t imagine my life without my sweet boy.

If this sounds familiar…keep reading. Here are the top 5 definitive signs that you’re completely obsessed with your Pit Bull — there’s no shame in admitting that! Be proud!

5.) You get super excited when the work week ends because you know you have 2 full days to spend with your Pittie baby.

Pit Bull
But wait…sounds obvious, right? Keep reading to see the top 4 definitive signs of Pit Bull obsession!