4-Year-Old Dumps Food On The Kitchen Floor — Now Watch The Pit Bulls’ Reaction

amazing reaction

There are a lot of bad people and bad things in the world. It seems like that’s all the media talks about these days — the “bad.” But thankfully there’s even more good out there — and this video is one of those really really good things.

Kids and dogs are special. They have an innocence about them that makes even the simplest things seem absolutely amazing to them. And when a child and a dog have a special bond? It’s one of the greatest things to ever witness.

The video on the next page has been viewed over a million times — and for good reason! It stars a 4-year-old girl surrounded by 6 Pit Bulls. Many people would gasp at the thought of this because of so many negative stereotypes.

But this video will shatter every single negative stereotype about Pit Bulls that ever existed. This little girl has these 6 Pit Bulls wrapped around her little finger. It’s absolutely precious.

Watch as she scatters dog food on the kitchen floor — it’s the dogs’ reaction that will have you in awe of this little girl! They are absolutely mesmerized by her and will listen to anything she says! You’ve gotta see this.

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  1. I adore dogs, have nothing against any breed. Have my own dogs. But I would like to make a statement.
    Dogs are companions, part of our pack with one exception they are still animals regardless of how human they seem.
    Multiple dogs, any breed, in our home are a pack within a pack and their first allegiance is to their own kind.
    Head of the house, you may be leader of the pack but there is a second in command and that second is canine.
    I believe Instinct will override training 99 % of the time. Often referred to as “Nature of the Beast.”
    I would never let a small child feed a pack of dogs. I believe it is an accident waiting to happen.
    It only takes once, and I have seen first hand what happens when a dog breaks training and attacks a child.
    Responsible owners know, no matter how much we love them, we also have to respect them for what they are. Dogs are animals, amazing animals, devoted animals but they cannot think like a human and we have no right to expect them to do so.